House SD28

House SD28

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This house is located in two contiguous land in Capital Federal in the neighbourhood of Villa Luro. The construction between the two side walls is projected on one of the sides, leaving the other free for possible future uses. The house was designed prioritizing comfort for everyday use, and focusing on consolidating spacious and bright spaces. The idea was to design two overlapping volumes in which subtraction operations are carried out by arranging interior patios that articulate the different spaces. These patios grant lighting and ventilation, while at the same time giving the house a feeling of contact with green spaces. An important concept was the programmatic diagram, designing a large service area with its own access independent from the rest of the house. Safety was another priority, protecting the front facade from the exposure of the street through a large gate giving privacy and control of the visuals. On the top floor lays the most private program, with the master bedroom and the guest bedroom facing the back with views of the pool, and the service area to the front.