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  • Natural Ventilation
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A home for a young couple with an intense social life. With this idea on mind, the studio created a ground floor with a great living-dining room, which offers the possibility to be integrated to the kitchen when necessary. At the same time, the living room also extends outwards, under a large semi-covered pergola that shelters the grill.
In the same floor, the central hall leads us to the TV room, which stands out for its acoustic and technological comfort. The staircase –hidden but accessible- opens the way to a generous cellar located in the basement.
On the upper floor we find a more intimate atmosphere. There, a series of small courtyards articulate the rooms with each other, providing light and allowing cross ventilation in all directions.
The keys of the project where: a studied constructive detail and the difference of levels between the slabs of the upper floor, which allowed a visual solution of volumes supported with each other and without intersecting at any point.