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Plaza de Mayo

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Plaza de Mayo is the most important public space in the country. Its relevance transcends the mere use of green, recreational or tourist space to become a forum where people establish a communicative link with their government, both to exalt it and to question it; In short, a space where the nation expresses itself.
This project seeks, in addition to complying with the required programmatic-functional requirements, to enhance the semantic nature of the architecture, using history as a raw material. To do this we select those historical events that took place in this space that meant turning points in the history of the country. The intention of the project is to recall the visitor's memory by placing it in a dual physical-historical space. This will allow the Argentinian to confront his past, urging him to reflect on his identity and his aspirations for the future. The foreign visitor, as a counterpart, will be able to learn key facts of our becoming as a nation. This is achieved by inscribing a code on the pavement, a geometric abstraction of said facts.