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The idea is that the support of the static or in motion image in diverse formats establishes a spatial plot of connections and visual referents. This results in a sensorial experience, whose multimedia support is -basically- the image.
These spatio-temporal connections subject us to an "artificiality". This concept, understood as "artifact" can also be read as art in fact. Then, this artifact of modernity shapes a landscape of intensity with other referents worthy of the complex cultural centers, such as the Pompidou, the Bilbao Museum or the Tate Gallery.
The fact of generating a cultural reference that can sustain the variety and plurality of tensions generated by art phenomena is decisive. The influence and variations that will be established in the urban space will be another of the distinctive features of this proposal. By establishing artificiality as a design decision, it is as a process of insertion into the urban space and at the same time of a certain autonomy.